The Best Cases for a Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

This is a list of the best cases for a Taylor GS mini acoustic guitar on any budget.  The Taylor GS Mini is a fantastic little acoustic guitar that sounds bigger than it appears.  Whether you have a right-handed or left-handed GS mini these cases will fit either orientation.

Each of these selected cases will keep your guitar safe and secure when transporting or storing your beloved Taylor GS Mini. All of these cases are considered quality cases and will be perfect depending on your situation and budget.

These cases will fit both right and left-handed configurations.


1. SKB 1SKB-GSM Hard Case for a Taylor GS Mini

The SKB 1SKB-GSM hard case is the toughest molded hardshell case for a Taylor GS Mini.  These cases are great thanks to their heavy-duty external construction that can withstand regular abuse.  For gigging musicians or guitarists that travel, this case is my best pick.  ABS cases are among the best in terms of durability, and water resistance.

This Taylor GS Mini case comes fully lined with a plush material internally.  This rigid EPS, yet plush interior ensures that the case itself has no impact on the finish of the acoustic guitar.  In addition to the plush interior, the case offers a snug fit for your GS Mini.  This snug fit ensures very minimal movement on the guitar in transport and is assisted by the neck rest.

Built into the neck rest is an internal compartment that is big enough to store some accessories like strings, a capo, or a clip-on tuner.

Additionally, the SKB 1SKB-GSM case is fitted with a TSA-approved lock.  For those who want to travel and keep their guitar safe, these TSA keys are a welcomed addition for air travel inside the USA. The latches and handle are all very reliable and I have no hesitations recommending this hard case.  At the time of writing this article, this case is on sale and you can check it out using the links below.


Best Case for a Taylor GS Mini

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2. Taylor GS Mini Gator Deluxe ABS Molded Case

Gator makes some of the premiere guitar cases in the World.  Furthermore, the Gator ABS Molded case is built extremely well and is very affordable. This is another case that offers a high-impact resistant hard outer shell.  Cases with ABS are perfect for guitarists that want to ensure their GS Mini is protected in transport or in storage.

Thanks to the fitted and plush EPS foam interior, this case fits the Taylor acoustic guitar like a glove.  Minimizing internal movement is an important feature of any hardshell case and the Gator delivers on all fronts.

Additionally, there is a center storage compartment located under the neck rest.  This is a great place to store strings, tuners, or even a guitar cable.

The hardened handle is re-enforced for maximum durability and will stand the test of time. While the Gator case does not have TSA-approved locks, it does have chrome-plated lockable latches that will not open by mistake or accident.  This is a great case for the gigging musician or someone who requires a very solid storage case.

This case is a perfect fit for any Taylor GS Mini acoustic guitar.  Furthermore, if you are on a budget this hardshell case is usually less expensive than the SKB case listed above.



3. SKB 1SKB-SCGSM Soft Guitar Case for GS Mini

This is without question the most unique case on this list. Unlike all of the other cases, this one is technically a soft case instead of a hard case.

An added benefit to the SKB 1SKB-SCGSM is weight.  This is a far lighter and more portable case than the other case above this coming in at 5.9lbs.

The external nylon material is weather-sealed to withstand the elements without an issue. The durable exterior is made from a 600-denier that is weather-resistant and also scratch-proof.

While this case offers a very snug and secure fit, it’s not as robust externally as an ABS case.  This is one of the major trade-offs when it comes to any soft case.

Thankfully though, the internal is the same molded EPS foam and plush interior so you won’t have to worry about your guitar moving around in transport.

Due to the nature of this soft case. I would recommend it for car transportation and storage only.  Anyone wanting to fly with a GS Mini case should go for either a gig bag or a hard case.  The reason why I say this is because the gig bag can fit as carry-on luggage and the case can be stored safely as luggage.

Overall, this is a fantastic case for the right person that will keep your GS mini guitar safe and sound for years to come. Check out all of the positive reviews on this item by using the links below.


4. Gator Polyfoam Case for Taylor GS Mini Grand Symphony

This is the lightest and the most portable option of all of the cases for a Taylor GS Mini Symphony acoustic guitar.

While this is the least expensive item on this list, the Gator Polyfoam case is a great case. This will offer the same premium plush interior found on the Gator hard cases but with a soft and lightweight design.

Gator makes their cases with gigging musicians in mind and this case is no exception.  The external material is 600-denier nylon that will offer protection from moisture as well as light dents. the EPS polyfoam shell can also help keep the guitar safe from mishandling.

Internally, the storage compartment is perfect for fitting items like strings, tuners, cables, or a guitar strap.  Unlike hard cases, the Gator Polyfoam Case has a large external compartment.  For those who have a book (or iPad) full of lyrics or even a looper pedal – this is an obvious choice.

At 5.9lbs this case is a great option for those who want the lightest possible option while still keeping their guitar safe.



Taylor GS Mini Aero Form-Fitted Case Gig Bag Case

You might be asking where are all the Taylor cases? This is the only case on the list because it’s all they have in their range for a GS Mini. This is a high-quality case made by Taylor that is a perfect fit for any GS Mini. 

I’ve put the Taylor Aero last on the list because it’s quite expensive given its features.  In my experience, this is a great choice if you want to have an official Taylor case but it’s overpriced for what you are getting.

While this is a very durable and protective case the SKB and Gator hard cases offer far better protection. 

This is also heavier at 8lbs than many of the other options on the list so I would only recommend this to someone who can’t live without the Taylor branding, or if you have a few extra bucks to spend. 

Being this is an official case it makes for an obvious choice for many guitarists.  The built-in pouch at the front is perfect for lyrics books, cables, tuners, and more.  Overall, this is a great case in terms of design, but it’s far more expensive than it should be given the value of the other cases. 

Internally, the case is plush and fitted to perfection to ensure the GS mini does not move while in transport or storage.  Unlike all of the other cases, this doesn’t have an internal compartment.  If that is important to you then you might want to look at the other cases on this list. 

Will you be disappointed if you get this? No, but it doesn’t have the hardened exterior or TSA locks but it’s a great option for gigging locally or traveling with carry-on luggage.



The Best GS Mini Case by Taylor

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Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Hard Case Considerations

I’ve written a detailed article about the 8 things you need in a quality hard case.  I suggest checking that post out for more information. Each of the cases on here is a quality case and I have had hands-on experience with hundreds of cases over the years. 

The Taylor GS Mini is one of the best acoustic guitars on the planet offering exceptional tone and bang-for-buck performance.  These are my favorite acoustic guitars of all time and I hope you enjoy your purchase for years to come.