The Best Hard Cases for a PRS Custom Electric Guitar

This article will cover the best hard cases for a PRS (Paul Reed Smith) electric guitar.  This list of cases will be perfect for a PRS SE Custom 22 or 24, PRS Custom 22, Custom 24, or PRS CE electric. All cases on this list are high quality and come in at different price points. These cases will be appropriate from guitar storage to gig-worthy rugged design. Depending on your budget.

Each case on this list will fit these PRS Models:

  • Standards
  • Custom 22 or Custom 24
  • McCarty
  • Mira
  • Santana
  • Starla


1. PRS Multi-Fit Guitar Case in Paisley

This is an official PRS hard case designed to keep your instrument safe.  Additionally, this case has the most unique style about it on this list.  For those who have invested in a high-end PRS and require an official replacement case look no further than this.  The PRS Multi-fit guitar case comes in a Brown Paisley with a beautiful brown plush interior.  This PRS hard case can be found in a Paisley black exterior with a lovely blue interior depending on your taste.

The most important thing with any hard case is finding a case that provides a snug fit.  This PRS multi-case fits your beloved guitar with precision.  This lack of internal movement provides the best possible fit with guitar transportation.  The less internal movement the guitar has, the less likely anything can go wrong with commuting with your instrument. The size of the compartment on the inside of the case is perfect for cables and a guitar strap.

The only two downsides to this case are that is quite expensive and that it’s also heavy. The case itself weighs only 13.6lbs. If you’ve purchased a high-end PRS electric you should invest in the official replacement case.  For buyers who want to save a few dollars, check out the following guitar cases on this list for an excellent alternative.


Best PRS Custom 24 Hard Case

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2. PRS Multi-fit Guitar Hard Case (black)

This case is by far the best “standard” case for a PRS electric guitar.  This is the same design and dimensions as the Paisley case without the extravagant look.  This black PRS multi-fit hard case is a great combination of value and performance offering the same snug fit at a far cheaper price.

The interior is identical to the PRS Paisley case so it offers a fantastic fit and a large internal compartment for storage. This would be a better choice for gigging musicians or those who go on the road because wear and tear would not be as big of a concern with this case.

The soft and plush interior will be a great fit for a PRS custom 22, Custom 24, SE, CE, and, Mira, McCarty, and more. If you need a case for a PRS Silver Sky (Sweetwater link) then click to see my recommendation.

Both this Multi-Fit case and the premium one come with a key for the center latch to be locked if required.  These keys are not TSA approved keys. If you need to fly with a guitar I would choose something different with TSA locks so they don’t get broken on inspection.

Weight-wise these official cases aren’t the lightest option but they are perfect for guitar storage and transportation to gigs or jam sessions.


3. Gator GTSA-GTRELEC ATA Molded Guitar Case with TSA Latches

Want my opinion on the best deal on this list? The Gator GTSA-GTRELEC is a fantastic value for money case that also delivers in terms of the essential requirements.  This hard case is made from a molded polyethylene exterior which is tough and very light.

Guitarists who plan on traveling with their guitar on a flight interstate or overseas, I would highly suggest this case over the other two options.  This Gator case is lighter and has TSA approved locks which allow security to open it without any issues by breaking the latches.

While this is a perfect fit for a PRS electric guitar it will also fit a Telecaster and Stratocaster without any issues either.  Internally, the Gator hard case has a beautiful plush interior that will keep your instrument scuff-free.  The Neck cradle helps support your guitar by allowing the headstock to sit freely inside the case. 

This neck support also doubles to prevent the guitar from moving sideways or lengthways inside the case.  Gator has matched their case design by the addition of powder-coated hardware. This is a great case for storage and even a better case for transportation.  When it comes to a very active gigging musician situation, this would be my top pick.

Gator Case for PRS Electric Guitar

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4. SKB 1SKB-6 Electric Guitar Economy Hard Case

While this is the most affordable hard case on the list it still is a fantastic budget case.  The SKB 1SKB-6 PRS electric guitar case will fit your guitar like a glove.  Perhaps the best thing about it is it’s both light and very strong.

The exterior of the case is made from a molded ABS-style polyurethane that allows a fantastic strength to weight ratio. On this inside of the hard case is an EPS molded interior and plus finish. This case will keep providing your PRS an excellent fit while minimizing internal movement.  

Another huge benefit to the SKB 1SKB-5 hard case is that it will also fit a Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster without issue.  This means if you are going to a gig the case will fit more than just a single brand of instrument.  Those with multiple instruments will appreciate the versatility of this hard case. 

Unlike all the other cases on this list, the internal compartments do not have a door. The good news is though this allows you to transport slightly taller accessories like pedals in the provided compartments. 

A key is provided for added security but this is not a TSA approve latch.  What I love about the SKB cases is their latches are fantastic and will not come loose by accident or transport for example.  This is a bargain of a case for anyone wanting a replacement for a PRS SE for example which does not require the full official PRS case experience. 

SKB Hard Case

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Finding the Perfect PRS guitar case

If you are new to the world of guitar hard cases then I can highly suggest reading my article about 8 essential things you need in a guitar hard case.  This article will outline exactly what to look for when shopping for a new case.  I have numerous other hard case recommendations you can find by visiting the main page on my site. 


Downsides of Official PRS Cases

The only downside to the official cases is they are fairly heavy. The positives far outweigh the negatives (pun intended). If weight is a concern then go for the SKB or Gator cases.


Downsides of some inexpensive PRS cases

While a lot of third-party cases are good, many are not.  Buyers who have invested in a high-end electric guitar should really consider buying a PRS case.  These cases are made for PRS guitars and will be the best fit.  Each case should keep the neck supported and guitar rock-solid internally from movement. 

Each of these PRS hard cases comes with a Key to allow for secure locking of each case. If you want more information on what you want on a guitar hard case please click the link to my article on that topic.