The 5 Best Budget Epiphone Les Paul Guitar Cases

This article will cover the 5 best budget Epiphone Les Paul guitar cases.  Protecting your beloved Epiphone or single cut guitar is a no-brainer and these are my favorite hard cases.  Each of these cases will fit your Epiphone guitar perfectly and securely without any modifications. If you are not on a budget, I suggest checking my Gibson Les Paul case guide article. 

These affordable hard cases will also fit brands like Harley Benton, ESP, Tokai, and many others. Getting the best Les Paul case is of the utmost importance because guitars can easily get damaged.  You want to make sure the neck of the guitar is fully supported no matter which case you get.  This list will cover the best Les Paul cases on a budget! 


1. Epiphone Les Paul Hardshell Case (Affordable & Reliable)

The best case is an official Epiphone Les Paul Hardshell Case.  I’ve owned a number of these cases over the years and they are very reliable, tough, and gig-worthy. For those who own a higher-end Epiphone guitar, this is the case to go for. 

These affordable Epiphone cases are very similar physically to the official Gibson cases and will fit any Les Paul without any issues.  Internally, these have a really great compartment for storing strings or a guitar strap.

The Epiphone hard cases are the perfect option for those wanting to save a few dollars over an official Gibson Hard Case.  There’s no real trade-off between the Epiphone and Gibson Hardcase other than the Branding.  

This Epiphone case allows very little movement internally which makes for safe transportation. Combined with the plush interior material, the Epiphone case is a real winner.  Additionally, we get a lock and key on the center latch allowing for safe transportation.

These are designed to fit all Epiphone Les Paul models including Standards, Custom Pro, Jr, and many others. 

The only small downside to the Epiphone cases is the exterior vinyl is prone to easily being torn if knocked or stacked in a car with amps etc.

While this isn’t the cheapest case in the world, I still consider this to be the best budget Les Paul case on the market.  When you compare it with the Gibson alternative the price of the Epiphone case makes a lot of sense. 

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Fits Right and Left Handed: Both



The Best Epiphone Les Paul hard case

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2. Gator GC-LPS Deluxe ABS Molded Case

Without question, Gator makes some of the best third-party cases in the World. if you couldn’t care less about brand recognition this is by far one of the best budget cases for any Epiphone Les Paul guitar. 

The Gator GC-LPS is a tad less expensive (usually) than the official Epiphone case without any real trade-off in terms of keeping your guitar safe.

While this case has a far more generic vibe going on than the official Epiphone case, Gator cases are lightweight and durable.  These also handle being knocked around a bit more thanks to their ABS construction.  This ABS material is not covered with any fancy material so it won’t tear or rip.

Like all of the cases I recommend, this hard case features a plush interior that is designed to keep your guitar snug and free from any excessive movement. 

Thanks to the placement of the neck rest, the headstock will float freely internally and there’s room for cables in the center pocket. 

The handle is hardened plastic so don’t expect this to feel quite as nice in the hand as the Epiphone case listed above.  This is one of the best Epiphone Les Paul hard cases on a budget.  This is one of the lightest cases coming in at 3.82kgs (8.4lbs).

Fits Right and Left Handed: Right-Handed Only


Best Budget Epiphone Les Paul Case

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3. Gator Economy Wood Case for Epiphone Les Paul

This is a very good quality case for any Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar.  This case is a great option for storage thanks to its compact design and hardened exterior.  Unlike most Gator cases in this price point, this uses a Plywood design with a black Tolex cover. 

Visually, this case is very simple.  Internally, the plush and fitted interior keeps your guitar free from movement when in transport or storage. Additionally, the internal compartment is great for storing a few sets or your guitar strap. 

Gator cases come equipped with a key for the center latch allowing it to be locked for transport or storage. 

Like all guitar cases on this list, this Epiphone case will fit any single cut version of an LP out there.  This also includes ESP, Ibanez, and many other brands. 

Fits Right and Left Handed: Both


Best cheap Epiphone LP cases

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4. Gator Deluxe Wood Case 

Without question, Gator makes some of the best third-party cases in the World. if you couldn’t care less about brand recognition this is by far one of the best cases for any Les Paul guitar. Another advantage to the Gator cases is their price! These cases are less expensive than the Gibson and Epiphone alternatives yet don’t sacrifice features.

The Gator Deluxe Wood case is strong and has the same build style as the previous cases.  We get a rugged plywood internal construction and a plush-lined interior.  There’s also foam padding around the edge of the case to keep the instrument safe.  Much like the previous two cases, the Gator Les Paul case can also be locked with the provided key for extra security.

For more photos and prices please click on the best link in your area below. These also come in a black option. 

Fits Right and Left Handed: Both


Gator Case for a Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul

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5. SKB 1SKB-56 Les Paul Hard Case

SKB makes fantastic cases. While these cases are a tad more expensive, you can score them for a bargain when Sweetwater or Thomann has their sale on.  

One of the biggest benefits of the SKB 1SKB-56 is that it’s far lighter than all the other cases on this list.  For those wanting a light and durable option then look no further than this case.

Unlike all of the other cases on this list, the SKB is made from lightweight molded plastic that is near indestructible!  The TSA-approved locks and quality latches make traveling on airlines in North America a breeze.  This will allow security checks on the guitar without the need to break the locks.

The external material does not tear or rip as the official Epiphone LP case can.  While it can technically scuff, it will last a lot longer.  These ABS/plastic cases will stand the test of time and are far better for severe weather conditions. 

This SKB case is the lightest and most portable but they don’t stack as well as the regular cases.  The reason why they don’t stack as well is their slightly fatter molded bump above the guitar body.  You can see this raised section in the picture below. 

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Fits Right and Left Handed: Both


Best Budget Epiphone or Single Cut Guitar Cases

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Quality Les Paul Case Considerations


Neck Support

There are a few requirements when buying any guitar case.  These requirements also apply to Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul Guitars. All of the cases listed in this post meet these particular requirements. The first essential requirement is ensuring the guitar neck is supported correctly.  This means that the neck is rested snug, while also allowing the headstock to “float” off the edge of the neck rest.  Les Paul headstock breakage is very common and the case should always ensure this does not happen.  With the combination of neck support and floating headstock space, your instrument will be safe.


Guitar Movement

The second requirement is little to no wriggle room for the guitar body.  A quality case will keep the guitar from moving.  Again, this is a huge safety consideration for Les Pauls.  If the guitar is not secure and it slides up and down, it has the potential to damage the instrument. There should be less than a fingertip of movement in any good hard case.


Travel Considerations

For guitarists traveling on plans in the USA, I would only recommend TSA-approved locks.  I personally had a guitar case damaged by TSA because they didn’t know how to unlock the case properly.  TSA just used a crowbar to break the locks and I had to fix them at my expense.  To add insult to injury, the case wasn’t even locked.


Case Weight

Weight is subjective to what you can lift and are happy to handle.  For gigging musicians that travel on airlines or end up walking a long way to a gig, then go light.  The ABS/Molded plastic cases are fantastic options for keeping the weight down to a minimum.  Les Paul guitars are heavy enough without the hard case, so think light!

For more tips see my full article about essential guitar hard case considerations.